Drive In

Burgers – 

​We serve only 100% all beef burgers
All burgers come with: mayonnaise, mustard, relish, lettuce and onion
Bacon Burger Basket
(double meat, bacon, cheese w/ Lakeview fries)
Cheese Burger                                
Double Mack Burger (double meat)         
Double Mack Cheese Burger (double meat & cheese)
Triple Mack Burger (triple meat)                         
Triple Mack Cheese Burger (triple meat & cheese)
Veggie Burger

Fries & Snacks

Lakeview Fries - Regular or Bucket
Onion Ring  - Regular or Bucket
Corn Dog


Chicken Strip Basket
(breaded chicken strips served w/fries and tartar)
Ranch Chicken Sandwich  (grilled or crispy)           
(ranch dressing, bacon, swiss cheese and lettuce)
Chicken Sandwich (grilled or crispy)                       
(tarter and lettuce)
Cordon Bleu Sandwich (grilled or crispy)
(mayonnaise, ham and Swiss cheese) 


Grilled Cheese                                       
Grilled Ham & Cheese                         
BLT (mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce, tomato)      
TBC (mayonnaise, turkey, bacon, cheese)      


Regular Dog – plain
Foot Dog – plain
Regular Salad Dog
Foot Salad Dog
* Salad Dogs come with mayonnaise, mustard, relish, ketchup, lettuce, onions, pickles

Lakeview Menu


Hot Chicken Salad (grilled or chicken)
Green Salad
Turkey or Ham Salad (cold)
*Salads are made with iceberg lettuce, tomato and cheese
*Dressings:House Made Ranch, Thousand Island, Italian, Fat Free French, Bleu Cheese


Fish n’ Chips (fish, Lakeview fries, homemade tarter) 

Kids Meal

Choose one:
Grilled Cheese, Hot Dog, Burger, Chicken Strips, or Corn Dog
Includes: Kid fry, apple slices, juice box

Soft Drinks 

Pepsi - Diet Pepsi - 7-Up - Mountain Dew - Dr. Pepper
Root Beer - Lemonade - Lipton Brisk Iced Tea
SMALL - 16 oz.  MEDIUM - 22 oz.   LARGE. - 32 oz.

Ice Cream

Milkshake Flavors:  Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, raspberry,
blackberry, butterscotch, root beer, fresh banana, cherry, peppermint, hot fudge, peanut butter
Small Milkshake                                                  
Large Milkshake                                                  
Float (soda flavor topped with soft vanilla ice cream)      
Hard Ice Cream Cone or Dish                          
Soft Ice Cream Cone or Dish                           
Ice Cram Sundae (ice cream, topping, whip, cherry, nuts)           
Flurry (Soft vanilla ice cream mixed with candy)
Flavors: Oreo, M&M and Peanut Butter Cup 

Sides and Extras

Tartar or Fry Sauce (homemade)
Dressings, Marinara, Sweet+Sour
BBQ, Cheese
Hamburger Patty or Bacon
Turkey or Ham


Drive In